How it Works

Reveal Medical Aesthetics, Inc. providers offer several minimally-invasive face lifting and contouring procedures, including NovaThreads® that aid in the loss of contour in the face and neck. This procedure relies on the use of absorbable PDO sutures to instantly lift the skin, to create a younger appearance. Further, as NovaThreads sutures are dissolved over the coming months, the body grows collagen in the area – a process that provides a skin firming and lifting effect. The central goal of the lifting procedure is to offset the age-related downward migration of tissues to give the patient a more youthful appearance.

What is NovaThreads?

The idea behind NovaThreads is to place a thin suture under the skin in a way that produces a lifting effect and stimulates the body’s natural repair processes to build more collagen. The sutures are made from polydioxanone, a flexible, absorbable material that is widely used in surgical applications and is very safe for implanting under the skin.


NovaThreads can be implanted in two ways; a “mesh” structure and a lifting approach.

For the mesh structure, your Reveal Medical Aesthetics provider will implant several threads that cross each other perpendicularly, much like a hash tag sign (#). This is not meant to provide an immediate lifting effect, but rather to stimulate the growth of collagen in the area to produce long term skin tightening.

For a more immediate effect, our providers can place individual NovaThreads sutures in a way that pulls the tissues upward and creates contour. To keep them in place, the sutures are designed with tiny, flexible barbs that latch on to the tissues as they are placed under the skin and keep the tissues from migrating back to the original position. This approach can be used to give the face a more lifted look, reduce the appearance of nasolabial folds, and even provide more contour to the neck.


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