RF Tightening / Contouring

The quest for the ideal body has been a long-held mission of many people of all ages across the world. Radio frequency body contouring (also known as skin tightening) is a non-invasive, FDA approved, pain-free treatment that is a safe and effective for the eyes, face, neck and body. Here at Reveal Medical Aesthetics, our Nurses use the EndyMed’s innovative body contouring handpieces to offer superior solutions for body tightening, cellulite and circumference reduction, shaping and contouring. Every person is different; therefore, our team tailors each treatment according to the individual’s goals to help achieve the most effective results, leaving you feeling more comfortable in your clothing. To decide which treatment is most suitable for your needs, call our office or book online for your free consultation

Immediate tightening results

Short treatment times

No downtime

Smoother, more attractive skin

The effect of this is tighter, smoother, younger looking skin with a visible “lift.” Fat cells are reduced, and stubborn cellulite looks a lot less noticeable.

Before and After Before and After