RF Skin Tightening

How It Works

Radiofrequency (RF) has been a key modality of power delivery to tissues for a variety of purposes over the last 75 years. RF treatments are based on the principal of skin and deep tissue heating through conversion of radiofrequency waves to heat energy, resulting in vasodilatation and inflammatory changes, with subsequent stimulation of dermal thickening and deeper connective tissue thickening and reorganisation.

This heating of the adipocyte layer to 43-45°C has been indicated to induce selective apoptosis in fat cells, with sparing of surrounding cells, with volume reduction three to eight weeks post RF treatments. Most non-ablative RF treatments require multiple treatments sessions for optimal results.

Bipolar or multipolar RF handpieces tend to be much more predictable in the depth of penetration of RF waves. Transient post-treatment effects such as erythema are common and expected.


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