RF Cellulite

Got cellulite? You are not alone, anyone can have it, even those who are considered traditionally fit or thin. That’s because cellulite isn’t caused by fat alone. Instead, it is caused by the relationship of connective tissue called fascia that hardens and pulls down toward the muscle as the fat cells simultaneously push up, causing a lumpy or dimpled appearance. EndyMed Radiofrequency (RF) is a great non-surgical cellulite reduction treatment especially when combines with other modalities such as mobilization of tissue, suction, and infrared. Controlled RF heating melts fat deposits beneath the skin which then get drained via your lymphatic system. This in effect cause increased blood circulation and tightening of tissues around the affected area thus minimizing the appearance of cellulite. In order to get better results, patients are often asked to undergo continual sessions (once or twice weekly) for a month or even longer.

A smoother body contour

A reduction in skin laxity

Improved appearance of area

Smoother skin that has better tone and texture

EndyMed encompasses the complete range of sought-after cosmetic treatments. The procedures are painless, safe and appropriate for all skin colors and types.