Body Sculpting

Why Choose Body Sculpting Procedures?

The quest for the ideal body has been a long held mission of many people of all ages across the world. Frustrated with exercise and diet, which often require strict and almost obsessive rigidity, people frequently end up looking into other options to reduce areas of stubborn fat and cellulite. Over the past few decades, multiple treatment modalities have been developed in an attempt to cater to those looking to shift these stubborn inches, which won’t disappear with even the strictest of diets or the most intense training schedules.

Although fat and cellulite are often associated with one another, they have distinctive differences – and treatment plans vary depending on which condition you want to address. At Reveal Medical Aesthetics, we offer treatment plans that target fat and or cellulite. Every person is different. Therefore, our treatments are tailored according to each unique individual’s goals to achieve the most effective results. To decide which treatment is most suitable for your needs, it is helpful to understand the difference between fat and cellulite. Non-invasive body contouring can help in mitigating these issues. As this procedure tightens and smooths out the contours, it can help your body in achieving the perfect shape. After treatment,you will feel more comfortable and confident wearing form-fitting clothing and bathing suits.

Patients who are not close to their ideal weight should realize that body contouring cannot replace a healthy diet and exercise. Those who have been at a healthy weight for at least two or three months generally make the best candidate for this procedure. The main aim of these treatments are to gently tone the smaller pockets of fat that are not at all responding to any sort of lifestyle changes. Depending on what body part you are looking to reshape, you can get different types of non-invasive body contouring procedures done. This procedure has proven to be highly safe and effective for many people battling with excess body fat.

Lymphatic Drainage

Pressotherapy is a painless, non-invasive, high pressure detoxifying massage that helps with weight loss and cellulite reduction. Pressotherapy treatment is applied by means of trousers, sleeves or a girdle and is controlled by a computer compression system that inflates individual sections of a special multi-chambered garment, forcing toxins and fatty deposits into the circulatory system. This enhances extra-cellular fluid clearance, increasing venous flow (blood flow to the heart). The toxins are then naturally flushed by the body through the lymphatic system.
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Buttock Enhancement

Now you can eliminate a sagging behind, adding shape and volume and get terrific results without any risk or expense of surgery. Reveals specialist are pioneers of the non-invasive Brazilian Butt Lift: the most effective way to enhance your rear appeal, sculpt the curves of your derrière and erase cellulite using the latest non-surgical breakthrough in body contouring.

Traditional buttock augmentation involves surgical redistribution of fatty tissue to create an aesthetically pleasing shape to a flat behind, an expensive procedure that carries aa multitude of risks and a very long recovery period.
Our Brazilian butt lift can give you the look you’ve always wanted, with permanent results.

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Body Contouring

The body contouring applications of radio frequency (RF) treatments are premised upon the stimulating power of thermal heat energy—an oscillating electrical current forces collisions between charged molecules and ions, transforming them into heat. RF thermal stimulation is believed to produce a microinflammatory process that promotes the growth of new collagen (the protein responsible for keeping skin youthfully smooth, firm and supple) and causes the skin to contract, temporarily smoothing, tightening and firming the surface of the skin.

Through the manipulation of skin cooling and the delivery of RF energy to precise depths in the tissues, RF treatments can also be utilized to reduce the size of stubborn fat pockets. Because RF thermal stimulation occurs irrespective of skin type or color, RF body contouring treatments are appropriate for patients of all ethnicities and skin types.

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RF Skin Tightening

Radio-frequency works by heating the skin. The available devices differ in how they deliver radio-frequency to the skin, but they all strive to deliver enough energy to the skin to heat it to a certain temperature. Heat is the key! If collagen is heated to a very specific temperature, two things happen. Firstly, the existing collagen fibers tighten. Secondly, the collagen producing cells within the area are triggered to produce more collagen. The dermis, which is the second layer of skin, is full of collagen. Collagen also exists deeper in the fat layer within strands that weave between fat providing support for this layer. Upon heating collagen, skin tightens because of immediate collagen fiber contraction and, also, from delayed new collagen formation.

Almost anyone who wants tighter skin, or who is interested in delaying further skin looseness, could benefit from radio-frequency skin tightening. Having said that, older patients who have very loose skin probably won’t see enough improvement to make a non-surgical treatment worthwhile. A face lift is usually the only option for them. For everyone else, though, radio-frequency skin tightening may be very good option. It is critical, though, to have appropriate expectations about your results.

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Cellulite Removal

Use of Radiofrequency (RF) electronic devices for non-surgical cellulite reduction is the latest and promising technique. A combination of pure RF energy together with other modalities involving mobilization of tissue, suction, and infrared can be applied to help contour the body effectively thereby reducing fat as well as the appearance of cellulite.

RF treatment involves heating the skin around the affected area, subsequently causing temporary thickening and swelling. The net effect is that the skin becomes smooth thus reducing the appearance of cellulite dimples. Controlled RF heating melts fat deposits beneath the skin which then get drained via the lymphatic system.

This in effect cause increased blood circulation and tightening of tissues around the affected area thus minimizing the appearance of cellulite. In order to get better results, patients are often asked to undergo continual sessions (once or twice weekly) for a month or even longer.

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    Non-Invasive Face Lift

    RF energy is used to heat tissue and stimulate sub-dermal collagen production in order to reduce the appearance of fine lines and loose skin. The technique induces tissue re-modelling and production of new collagen and elastin. The process provides an alternative to facelift and other cosmetic surgeries.The radio frequency facial therapy has been approved by the FDA as a non-surgical treatment for problematic skin imperfections. This treatment requires no downtime. Best of all, results are immediately noticeable

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